Facts You Should Know About French Bulldogs

Waggy Bond

Every dog is a unique, amazing creature with their own history. French Bulldogs are cute little dogs and are enjoying some serious comeback. The pet shop Dubai has listed here some facts about French Bulldogs that you should know:


French Bulldogs have origins in England

Origins of the French Bulldog are quite murky; however, many sources trace its roots to the English bulldogs. The lace-makers in England wanted to have a toy version of dogs and would often use small pups as their lap-warmers while working. When lace industry shifted to France, it went taking their dogs along with them. There, English bulldogs, most probably, bred with the terriers to create French bulldogs.

They are meant to be a great companion
French bulldog is a highly affectionate and friendly breed of dogs and were bred to be great companions to humans. While they tend to be not so fast to…

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French Bulldogs: ranked most popular breed

Est. 1933

by Devon Conway

Is that a pig, a bat, or Stitch from the famous Disney Channel show, Lilo and Stitch? No, it’s a French Bulldog! According to the American Kennel Club, the French Bulldog originated in England in the mid-1800s, but migrated to France, earning their name. In France, the bat-eared, chubby, wrinkly-faced, compact pup earned a reputation as ‘city dog par excellence.’

Now, the French Bulldog is ranked the number one most popular dog in the U.K., overtaking the famous Labrador retriever, according to the U.K. Kennel Club, and the sixth most popular breed in America.  

The rising popularity of Frenchie’s may be because numerous celebrities and professional athletes, such as Madonna, Michael Phelps, Martha Stewart, Dwayne Wade and Lady Gaga,own Frenchies. The popular pup does come at a high price though, ranging anywhere from $1,800, according to famous South Florida French bulldog breeder, Monek Carr.

“I breed…

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French Bulldog Cafe!

Spirited Saff

Hey Guys,

Sorry this is a little of a late post, I usually post on a Monday evening and today is Tuesday but last Saturday, the day I usually dedicate to my blog writing, I came back from work early with a vile migraine which I had never nor want to experience ever again aside from being extremely busy…on a positive note i’m so much better!

As i’ve always said i’m a spontaneous person, how I found myself at a French Bulldog Cafe, i’ll never know! It was so random yet such an amazing experience! How did I found out about it? Again so random, I hardly ever check my Facebook but one day I decided to see what was new, just as I expected nothing much….meh…but then a link in the corner caught my eye it said ‘Pug Cafe’. I clicked on the link, interested by this website and…

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French Bulldog


What the French bulldog has once put into his head, is not to be talked out of it so fast again. With a lot of charm, she tries to convince her owner and pulls out all the stops. A consistent education without harshness, but all the more emphasis, is therefore extremely important. For its balance and relaxation, the French Bulldog needs a close bond to its people and thanks them for their guidance and attention with a lot of tenderness and attention.

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The Frenchie, as the French Bulldog is usually affectionately called, was once bred to the fight against bulls and also Artgenossen. With the prohibition of these dog fights the breeding goal changed seriously and brought with different crossings a generally calm and serene character out. What has remained is the compact, very muscular and stocky…

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Je m’appelle Higgins


I am called Higgins, as we say in French. But that doesn’t mean I come when I’m called. Madame has posted about this character trait here before. I can’t say whether it’s because I’m a purebred French bulldog, un bouledogue français, or just 100% French.

About the purebred part. I suppose it’s why she fell for me. She’s had a soft spot for Frenchies ever since she first came to France way before I was born. Something about big ears and brown eyes. But beyond that, we have a special connection.

Ever since she and Monsieur came to pick me up from my breeder’s place in Toulouse, back in 2012, she has fallen under my charm. I must say I was a handsome fellow even as a young pup. Although ma petite maman didn’t seem to be too sure about giving me up so young.

I got my good…

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